2017: Looking Back | Mid Michigan Lifestyle Photographer

Mid Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | 2017: Looking Back
For me, 2017 brought much needed change and lit a new spark in my soul.
It was exciting and full of NEWNESS!

2017 started off the same as pretty much every other year: living in the same small town, driving the same vehicle, owning the same house, working the same jobs, doing the same things.. over and over.
But we are entering into 2018 living in a new town, driving a new vehicle, free of owning a house, working new jobs, doing new things, meeting new people, and making new memories.

Not only will 2018 continue to be a year of “new” for us, but it will also be a year of growth for us. I am personally beyond excited for all of the new opportunities that the new year holds for myself and my little family. ❤

I believe that no matter how good you are at something, there is always room to learn and grow in order to even greater perfect your talents and abilities, so I will be looking for as many ways as possible to improve myself, starting with attending “The You in Photography Workshop” with Erin Schmidt Photography based out of Detroit, MI. in March! To say I am excited for this opportunity would be a HUGE understatement, as I have been trying to find a workshop that would work into my schedule for what feels like forever.

Even though I basically took 2017 “off” from photography, due to my job as a product photographer for Glamour Farms, I still took a few sessions for friends/friends of friends and family.
Each photo in this collage represents each individual session from 2017. (I also did a commercial shoot for iCare Repair – not pictured, due to their new website not being live yet – but soon!!) My goal for 2018 is to at least double the amount of sessions I had in 2017, and living in a city of approximately 116,020 people, I think that’s an attainable (if not surpassable) goal.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to each and every family who has trusted me to capture their families memories and milestones for them this year. ❤

Collage Image of Past Clients - 2017: Looking Back


2018 is the year to set goals and slay them!
Here’s to wishing you and your family a safe and AMAZING 2018!

Megan Helton Photography is based in Lansing, Michigan.
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